Results-Driven Online Marketing

Broadcast TV is king when it comes to attorney advertising media, but any savvy marketing firm has the internet on their radar, especially with the Yellow Pages becoming irrelevant.

A good, reasonable goal for your website is $150 for every qualified lead. Your cost-per-acquisition should average $600. The other companies who want your web business aren’t saying this, are they? Instead, they concentrate on a smoke-and-mirrors game of keyword ranking and other confusing statistics. But we know the true measure of success is how many new clients you took on because of your investment. We focus on the bottom line.

Attorney Mitch Grissim talks about his success on the web with Whitehardt

The key to success on the internet is to engage visitors on your website, compelling them to take the first step and ask you a question. By allowing them to ask you a question, you are able to start a correspondence with them about their injuries and are free to pursue them as a client.

  • How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?
  • My accident happened 2 months ago. Have I waited too long to act?
  • I was the passenger in a car accident where my driver was at fault. Do I still have a case?

These are common questions prospective clients have. Don’t you want them asking you and not your competition?

We provide you with a great-looking and easy to navigate attorney website, competitive rankings in search engines, weekly content updates, social media marketing, and targeted pay-per-click campaigns, all focused on converting visitors into quality leads.