What Our Clients Have To Say


  • About a year, maybe a year and a half ago, I decided I'm going to go strictly with Whitehardt. And it was a great decision. My business is up 35%.

    Ken Nunn
    Ken NunnKen Nunn Law Office
  • Not only has our case load increased, but there has also been a quantum leap in the quality of the cases. I can’t thank Whitehardt enough.

    Mitch Grissim
    Mitch GrissimMitch Grissim & Associates
  • I have been associated with Kevin and Felix for over 5 years. I have found them to be extremely responsive, flexible and truly caring about the success of both my business and family. They have made an enormous difference in making my phone ring.

    David Gruber
    David GruberGruber Law Offices, LLC
  • Kevin White and Whitehardt productions do beautiful work. The service is prompt, accurate, and timely.

    Jim Adler
    Jim AdlerJim S. Adler & Associates
  • If you are not using Whitehardt, you are really making a mistake. They have improved our business substantially.

    Brad Pistotnik
    Brad PistotnikBrad Pistotnik Law
  • These guys are talented, professional and provide a great product.

    Ken Nugent
    Ken NugentKenneth S. Nugent, P.C.
  • After we started running Whitehardt ads, we noticed an immediate increase in calls. And with their large catalog of spots we have been able to keep the momentum going.

    Austin Kirk
    Austin KirkSaiontz & Kirk
  • Kevin is very knowledgeable and insightful about this niche. And since I like to be involved with my marketing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find him so available and hard-working.

    Robert Goldwater
    Robert GoldwaterThe Goldwater Law Firm
  • Excellent production and grasp of legal advertising.

    Lee SteinbergLaw Offices of Lee B. Steinberg, P.C.
  • After 25 years of television advertising and a number of agencies, we found Whitehardt. They have developed ads and a marketing plan based on statistics rather than gut feelings. It has achieved the objective - an increase in case numbers.

    Mitch Williams
    Mitch WilliamsHarris & Graves
  • Because of the creative services of Kevin and staff at Whitehardt, my automobile accident practice has been successful even through the roughest tort reform in Texas.

    Robert White
    Robert WhiteChilds Bishop & White
  • We started using Whitehardt’s production, advertising and management services in 2005. We have partnered with Whitehardt to run this firm as a business with the decisions and analysis of Whitehardt driving our continued growth and sustainable economic success.

    John McMahan
    John McMahanMcMahan Law Firm, P.C.
  • I’ve used ad agencies from all over, but these guys really know their stuff. They are more attentive to my business than I am. The ads are effective, well-scripted and produced with greatest professionalism. I really, really enjoy working with Whitehardt.

    Ed McConnell
    Ed McConnellMcConnell & Tormey, P.C.
  • Whitehardt is knowledgeable, responsive, and wants you to succeed. I’ve been very pleased with the results from their advertising placement.

    David GordonThe Law Office of David E. Gordon

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