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One of the most important aspects of internet marketing is creating useful and engaging content. Personal injury lawyers, as well as everyone else, must generate unique content to drive visitors to their site.

As a personal injury lawyer, you can write the best blogs, give the greatest advice, but if you aren’t distributing your content properly, you might as well be writing with an invisible pen (or keyboard).

Your content is going to live and die by your distribution. If you have 10 Facebook followers and 8 Twitter Followers, and this is the audience you are sharing your content with, you should go ahead and stick a fork in yourself… You’re done.

Don’t be discouraged though, you have many different options that you can take to get your content in front of people. If you are simply wanting your content to reach more people in your area, think about promoting your posts on Facebook. For a simple $10, you can reach nearly 1000 local people. These people can also be demographically targeted (Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Income, Etc). If you know which demographics your business benefits best from, then start pushing out your quality content to those people.

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