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Google is constantly changing and upgrading its algorithm to adapt with the evolution of the internet. As much as they want to be, they are not perfect. There is a constant struggle of understanding what people should be served when they search for a particular product, service, content, etc. The giant search engine wants to serve each person with the exact content they are looking for. Since there is no magic way to do this, they have to utilize a group of complex math problems that take into account different online factors that have to do with your business. Since Google looks at so many different variables, I wanted to discuss the relevance of a few differing factors that get your business viewed in search.

The dominant search engine is going to be crawling your website and digesting the keywords located inside the titles and text. You want to make sure that you are not cramming keywords in your content, but you want to be able to slide them in carefully where your content still reads normally. It’s also going to be looking at the searcher’s location, and comparing it to the business location. This is why, when you search a generic term like “plumbing”, local plumbing businesses will be shown at the top in Google Places. It wouldn’t make sense if it were displaying a plumbing company 500 miles away. This is a big reason why all of your citations or business listings should be consistent around the web. If you are showing old addresses and different phone numbers all around the web, Google will not have enough confidence to show your business to a searcher when it has other businesses who have their listings properly set up and registered.

Another significant factor Google is looking for is, who is linking your site from theirs, and what level of authority the site has. For example, if a small local blog mentions your law firm in its post, Google will use this information and adjust your rankings accordingly. If a large website, such as a state newspaper or nationally recognized website links from their web page to yours, this will dramatically impact your search rankings. Links from influential credible sources are one the biggest factors in conquering Google’s algorithm.

Forgetting to maintain your social media? Think again. Google is looking at all of your social platforms to see how relevant you are by how many likes and followers you have, and also the different interactions you are involved with. It is imperative to have your social platforms running with consistent, relevant content so you can capitalize on the social SEO side of Google’s math.

Whitehardt is best known for our television advertisements, consulting and media buying strategies, but our web department is making a significant impact on leads generated for our clients. We understand that modern day advertising is shifting into an online world and we are here to serve.

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