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Biggest Adwords Changes of 2016 | Whitehardt

2016 has been a big year for PPC and Google Adwords. Beginning in February, Google had a large announcement at the Google Performance Summit that would shape search marketer’s strategies and budgets throughout the year. What Adwords changes have happened in 2016 so far?

New Bing Network

In February, Microsoft separated from Google and launched The Bing Network. Bing still continues to host ads on Yahoo search pages, but account management is now separate.

No More Right Rail Ads

Google also announced that it would no longer show text ads in the right rail on desktop. This was gone to create unity with how text ads display on all devices, and also made it easier for Google’s Expanded Texts Ads (to be discussed below).

Local & Maps Changes

April began with Google now showing ads in the Local Finder. Google also no longer categorizes Maps as a search partner, meaning that only ads with location extensions now show in Google Maps. This also means that advertisers can opt out of Search Partners while still showing ads in Maps.

Text Ad Testing

As mentioned above, expanded text ads are one of the biggest changes announced in 2016. This means that advertisers currently running text ads will be rewriting and creating changes in order to keep up. Expanded text ads will result in marketers rethinking ad copy and creative, while not trying to simply tack on extra wording.

Device Bidding

Google is also bringing back device-bidding to pre-enhanced campaigns. Tablet and desktop bids will both be separate, and bid modifiers will remain and with base bids being set up for mobile. Pay-per-click advertising will undoubtedly change with this announcement.

Shopping & Retail Updates

Managing product feeds will be easier now thanks to an addition of Feed Rules in Google Merchant Center. This will add custom labels, make it easier for quick fixes, and help Google improve the relevancy of product listing ads for user queries.

LinkedIn Bought

In mid-June Microsoft announced plans to buy LinkedIn, causing speculation about what this means for both advertisers and Bing. Discussions focused on advertising are currently happening internally, with more announcements expected in the following months.

Ad Bans

In May Google announced that all payday loans and high-interest loan ads would now be banned. Later that month, Google also announced that ads from third-party tech support services would no longer be allowed because of “serious quality issues.”

Editor For Mac Available

Bing announced Bing Ads Editor for Mac in June. Currently available in beta for the US, it will eventually roll out to all markets and is seen as relieving a large barrier to entry for Mac users.

These are just some of the many Adwords changes announced in 2016 so far. In order to constantly improve your SEO strategy, it’s essential to remain aware of new changes and seek to implement them within your strategy. A constantly-evolving SEO strategy will increase brand awareness, and increase your bottom line.

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