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This is what you should do… In a nutshell.

1) Catchy Title: Creating engaging content isn’t the easiest thing to do as personal injury lawyers. Most people are writing about recent accidents, recalls and cases that they know of or heard about. This content can be extremely engaging, but if no one clicks on it, then nobody will see it. That is where you have to come up with a “click bait” style title. For example, a blog titled “Brentwood Injury Lawyer Wins Case”, could be titled something much more engaging, like, “Brentwood Injury Lawyer Changes Client’s Life.” The idea is to develop a higher sense of intrigue, so the visitors are more likely to click on the post.

2) Keyword Intensive: You are blogging for a few reasons, to maximize the potential visitors for your site, create useful content for your audience and generate leads. If you are wanting to concentrate on increasing your visibility to people of a certain part of town, it would be wise to construct a blog that uses the keywords or phrases you have in mind. For example, Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville. You can develop a blog that is titled, “Brentwood Injury Lawyer Changes Client’s Life”, and fill the content with different relevant info about Brentwood, you can then share your blog on your social pages to help generate exposure.

3) Targeted Audience: To maximize the production of your “Brentwood Injury Lawyer Changes Client’s Life” post, it would be wise to spend a little money and promote the post via Facebook to the Brentwood area. Google will recognize that people from Brentwood are reading content about their area and this will dramatically increase your ranking for those keywords and phrases.

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