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Why Content Marketing is a Long Game Strategy | Whitehardt

It’s happened before. Your digital marketing team creates the perfect eBook that covers a recent webinar. You had many interested attendees and followed up with an email, social media, and blog campaign. So why isn’t the eBook selling?

We often expect content marketing to create both leads and sales immediately. With such good content, why would it not work quickly? It can be both frustrating and disheartening to recognize that the content you produce today might not lead to a sale until months from now. At this time it’s import recognizing content marketing as a long game strategy.

Cutting Through the Noise

Oftentimes, consumers must be exposed to an advertisement over 3 times before it changes behavior. Other research studies suggest the magic number is 7, while some even recommend it’s closer to 20. What this means is that while the opinions may vary, one thing does not; content marketing has different strategy, tactics, and goals than advertising.

Advertising is typically meant to show a certain product or service that hopefully results in a sale. Content marketing is an opportunity to simply create brand awareness and spread quality content that answers questions. Content marketing is not designed to convert leads immediately. The goal should be looked at more as long term, continuous engagement.

Many companies might see this as a problem. However, it’s important to note that long term leads that spend more time researching and engaging with your content are better informed and make better decisions. They begin to see your law firm as a credible resource of information, and may ever share your information with others.

Stay Consistent

Throughout a content marketing strategy, it’s important to realize that the smallest response can result in a trigger for the consumer that makes them decide to use your services. In order to stay ahead of the game, it’s essential to consistently evaluate both keywords and how they fit into your overall marketing campaign.

Content marketing may take longer to consistently convert leads, but over time conversion costs are driven down while quality of leads rises. While content marketing and advertising can be similar in some areas, it’s important to note that content marketing has the power to truly develop brand advocates that both trust and understand your company. A network of brand advocates can be far more powerful that a short term spike in sales resulting from an ad.

When preparing to launch any campaign within your marketing strategy, make sure to look at the long view. Recognize that every initiative typically takes at least 6 months to show measurable progress. At this stage it’s also important to truly maximize the value of the content being created, in order to both save time and resources. Being prepared and investing resources strategically from the beginning is essential.

Long term content creation results in vibrant and dynamic content that customers can turn to again and again. When content marketing is seen as a long term strategy, everyone benefits.

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