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Every law firm wants the biggest bang for their advertising buck. The use of direct response marketing not only brings clients to your practice, it allows you to know exactly what brought them.

Direct response marketing targets a specific audience. For example, if your firm specializes in employment law, it makes sense to target unions or corporations utilizing union workers. For a general practice, direct response marketing might target households within a few zip codes surrounding your primary office location. When using direct response marketing for mail, you can personalize your message for the intended recipient.

How it Works

  • Tracking – Because direct response marketing is easily tracked, you know which ad is responsible for clients contacting your firm. There’s no in-between agent. The client calls or emails your firm directly after seeing the advertisement. That also means you know which ads work and which ones don’t, enabling you to make your marketing decisions accordingly. Less money is wasted on ineffective advertising.
  • Specific offers – The ad should contain a specific offer, such as a free report on an area of your practice. The offer should be geared to appeal to the potential client’s interests.
  • Timed Response – Your special offer is only good for a certain period of time. Whether it is one week or one month, you know the response received from that particular offer.
  • Call to action – The ad contains a clear call to action, usually involving phoning a toll-free number right away. It’s vital that the potential client can contact your firm in the easiest way possible, at no cost. It’s also important that the client contact information form includes numerous ways to get back to the responder, such as landline and cell phone, and email and physical address.

Types of Ads

Direct response marketing ads include television “infomercials”, along with ads placed on the internet, radio and in traditional print media.

No matter the media, the direct response ad must contain strong copy and stand out among similar ads. While state law varies on what lawyers can claim in advertisements, avoid generic terms that lump your firm in with every other law firm out there. Written direct response marketing ads often resemble editorials, with a headline that nabs the reader’s attention.

Types of Practices

Firms specializing in bankruptcy, personal injury and matrimonial cases were the first to use direct response marketing. Today, firms focusing on mass tort litigation often use direct response marketing to find those affected by a device or product. Direct response marketing targets the demographics of that typical product or device user and runs ads on media favored by such individuals. For example, young women using the birth control pills Yaz or Yasmin often watch MTV, and that’s an ideal direct marketing infomercial placement.

Whitehardt – Law Firm Consulting and Advertising

When it comes to direct response marketing, you need a company that specializes in law firm advertising. At Whitehardt, we know how to target your particular niche client. Call us today to discuss how direct response marketing can help you grow your practice.

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