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Choosing the right domain name is a very important part of legal marketing

Choosing a domain name for the company website isn’t easy. Whether your law firm is beginning completely from scratch or you’re simply trying to take your existing business online, it’s essential to plan a website and domain name that work well together and best represent your company. Choosing a domain name matters because it’s how the company is represented online. Domain names can have a massive impact on multiple areas, and can affect click-through-rates, SEO and social media results, referral links, site traffic, and even offline advertising. With the many options available, there are some key areas to consider.


When deciding on a domain name, it’s important to ask: When you hear someone say it, does it sound like a brand? Or does it simply sound generic and plain? In most cases, hyphens and numbers do not making something sound like a brand, so it’s best to stay away from those. With all domains, you want the name to be simple, memorable, and easy to say.

Memorability within domain names is key. Generic keyword strings shouldn’t be used, simply because that makes it harder to stand out. The best options are short, unique words that are still easy to both say and remember.

Can You Pronounce It?

If people have a hard time repeating your domain name, it’s best to stay away. If the company uses any type of phone systems, hosts webinars, or holds other events where people are saying the domain name, it’s vital to ensure that your domain name is pronounceable and easy to write down. Processing fluency – the cognitive bias where humans have more positive associations with words they can easily say – applies to brand names and domains as well. If people can’t easily say the name, processing fluency will be quickly lost, along with all benefits of brandability that you’ve worked hard to create.

Shorter is Better

While the above rules are typically more important, it’s still vital to remember that length influences processing fluency. The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to type, say, and share. Shorter domains also get shortened less on social media, within sharing platforms, and other search results, making it easier for people to pair domain names directly with companies. Shorter is simply better, but don’t make the mistake of going too short and losing pronounceability and memorability.

Does It Resonate?

When deciding a domain name within legal marketing strategy, it’s vital to make it simple for the audience to associate the domain name with a good guess of what your company does. Remaining intuitive instead of simply seeking a play-on-words will often yield the best results. For law firms, adding the word law into the domain name can make it easier for people to immediately guess that the company is a law firm and will have relevant services that they are interested in.


A lot of law firms have purchased domains with specific keyword in them. This is a holdover from when that was a viable SEO strategy. Things have changed. Your domain name should be “the name of your business.com.”  When you buy a domain just for the keyword, you compromise brand recognition.

Planning and implementing the ideal domain name takes time, research, and serious effort. Domain names should be short and to the point, but still convey a glimpse of what the law firm does and how it can help customers. While determining the right domain name can take time and effort in the beginning, the right domain name can yield positive results to any law firm for years to come.

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