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Social media advertising, specifically through Facebook, is a relatively new concept with many advantages. Creating engaging content in order to receive more shares can be a worthy goal, but taking it one step further by implementing paid advertising is an essential way to test what works and what doesn’t, and help refine the marketing strategy accordingly.

Testing headlines, copy, images, etc. is the perfect way to use Facebook ads. With different ads set up for different target demographics, it’s easy to see what is being shared and what is being ignored. In turn, companies can then invest more time and effort into the shareable content and keep that in mind for future content creation as well. So how do Facebook ads specifically help promote your law firm?

Facebook Ads Can Influence Other Marketing

Does a title work really well in a Facebook ad? Use it as the title for a deeper, how-to eBook or a long form blog post. Does an image seem to be very shareable on social media? Swap out the text and use the same image later on in the content creation calendar so it can be shared more. The possibilities are endless for using Facebook ad options to implement and change other areas of the overall digital marketing strategy.

Paid Promotion Enhances SEO

Ad campaigns are a relatively cheap way to push content in front of as many potential clients as possible. Through Facebook ads that have solid titles, descriptions, and meta titles, ads can rise to the top and be seen by even larger audience with the effective SEO to back it up.

Constant Change through A/B Tests

If a particular ad isn’t working, you don’t have to fully commit to it for weeks of months at a time. Ads can simply and easily be swapped out or ran as an A/B test, ensuring that less money is wasted over time.

Reaching Mobile Users

With over 745 million users accessing Facebook through mobile every day, it’s imperative to create Facebook ads that promote your law firm in an incredibly mobile-friendly way. Promoting your law firm through mobile becomes easier when ads are easy to read, have a specific call to action, and have a pleasant and engaging photo to draw the reader in. 

Target Specific Demographics

Using CRM data paired with Facebook data, marketers can reach new audiences that are incredibly similar to the existing client base, without having to do any research or dedicate a large amount of time to analytics. Through enhanced audience targeting, you can be more precise in your desired audience and also better target those users who have previously visited the company website.

Step Up Competition

Many businesses today are not actively using Facebook ads to their full advantage. Stepping above the competition and creating high quality ads can help a company gain more leads and eventually attracts more clients. Staying one step ahead of the competition by using Facebook ads is in every company’s best interest.

While it may seem to take a lot of time and effort in the beginning, starting to implement Facebook ads now is key. The growth of Facebook ads is steadily increasing; companies as a result should strive to include Facebook and other social media advertising as a vital part of the firm’s marketing efforts. The rewards are very much worth the investment.

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