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Many law firms today, in order to keep up with ever-changing SEO, believe it is best to have multiple websites featuring a great deal of content. They create these multiple websites under the assumption that more visibility will create more awareness and answer more questions, bringing in more business to the firm overall.

This strategy can create more issues than initially anticipated, including:

Unnecessary Competition

Having multiple websites for one business can create more competition, which can hurt an online presence much more than help. Instead of having a few mediocre websites that perform subpar, it’s much better to have one, fully dedicated website that seeks to answer questions, provide expertise, and overall bring in more clients.

More Confusion for Consumers

Similar to the above, having multiple websites can potentially confuse customers and eventually drive business elsewhere. If customers can’t find the correct site that answers their question because there are multiple sites that don’t provide quality content, they will immediately reach out to another company entirely to solve the problem. With multiple websites the opportunity for potential confusion rises drastically.

Overall Search Engine Rankings

When law firms create multiple sites within the niche industry, keyword pricing and competition rises. With multiple sites for the same company, essentially there is competition for even the business name, address, about information and contact information as well. Google also seeks to maintain visibility into companies that have slightly different names and offer essentially the same service. This can lead to a negative impact in ratings once inconsistency and duplicate content is found by Google.

To make a company’s overall SEO improve, it’s equally important to focus on directing all links towards one site. This will also help with both internal and external sources linking back to the main site for credibility purposes. This ensures that people find the site easier and stay on the site longer.

Additional Time and Effort

Having multiple websites also increases the time spent on maintenance, unique content creation, and overall design changes and additions. It can take a great deal of time to manage and maintain one stellar and complete website; trying to maintain multiple websites can sacrifice quality content and overall SEO growth. Having a SEO or technical guru in-house can definitely help, but with minimal resources companies should focus on expansion and creation of one catch-all website, not seek to create multiple websites simply because of a belief that it will boost SEO.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the largest issue when it comes to multiple websites. Anything from targeted keywords to contact information should not be duplicated for multiple sites. Google will often pay attention to the site that overall gains more traffic and eventually pay less attention to the second site, making it unnecessary.

Finding the perfect SEO strategy can seem difficult at times, but focusing on creating and maintaining one large website that seeks to answer questions and provide insight is the best step for companies today. Creating multiple websites in order to gain SEO traction can be detrimental to a law firm’s online presence overall, and can cause a large headache with unnecessary time and effort. In order to boost search rank and strive for a viable SEO strategy, it’s important now more than ever to focus on one site only per company and seek to continually make it the best site

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