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Many marketing companies that promise to move mountains for potential clients have a good sales pitch, but usually leave their clientele feeling distant and dissatisfied.

It is not uncommon for a company to get a client, set them up with a predetermined campaign, cross their fingers and hope for the best. This can pose a problem because every client is different, even if they are representing the same industry.

Getting and maintaining qualified leads is an ongoing process. Hardly ever do you set a campaign up and hit home run after home run. You might hit one home run, a single or a pop fly, but it’s about learning from the campaign in its early stages and making necessary adjustments to dial in on what is actually generating results.

Here at Whitehardt we specialize in Attorney Advertising. Because of our extensive experience dealing with similar situations, we know exactly what do look for if a particular campaign isn’t performing to our standards. Our knowledgeable team can dissect a problem and determine where the results are coming from and act swiftly and appropriately capitalizing on the situation.

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