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The Hot Tort Report: October 2021

The Hottest in Mass Tort Spending October 2021

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Published: November 8, 2021

#1 Mesothelioma – $3,564,604

Mesothelioma is back at the top this month, reaching another record high! Mesothelioma has stayed at the top of the chart this year, with spending continuing to increase.

For metrics such as CPA, CPL, and criteria, please contact us.

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#2 Paraquat – $2,729,364

Paraquat hit some of its highest spendings yet! While this tort lost the #1 spot after reaching the highest spend last month, Paraquat spending still increased in numbers. October marks the fifth month in a row that Paraquat spending has reached over $2 million.

CPA: $1,750
CPL: $800

Criteria: Diagnosis of Parkinson’s or experiencing Parkinson’s-like symptoms after being exposed to paraquat.

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#3 Hernia Mesh – $1,218,680

Hernia mesh doubled its spending from the last month, but we aren’t surprised to see this tort soaring. Spending for hernia mesh is the highest it’s been in months, and we are excited to see those numbers continue to grow.

For metrics such as CPA, CPL, and criteria, please contact us.

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#4 Roundup® – $786,073

Making its way up to the fourth-highest spend, Roundup®’s numbers skyrocketed compared to last month. After taking a slight dip in September, it looks like we are seeing Roundup® work itEnd-Stages way back up to those high numbers we saw over summer!

CPA: $2,750
CPL: $1,100

Criteria: Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after using the weedkiller Roundup®

Learn More About Roundup®.

#5 Birth Injury – $453,118

While dipping only slightly from last month’s spending numbers, spending on birth injury is still drastically higher than numbers we were seeing in early summer. We have kept an eye out for spending to stay consistently high through fall!

For metrics such as CPA, CPL, and criteria, please contact us.

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#6 Fire Foam — $178,326

Fire foam spending has slipped under the charts the past few months, so we are excited to see spending back up, landing it at number six on our ranking torts for October.

For metrics such as CPA, CPL, and criteria, please contact us.

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#7 Zantac® – $89,455

With trials beginning last month for the Zantac® MDL, we saw a drop in Zantac® spending this past month. We are looking forward to seeing where spending with land as litigations continue.

CPA: $1,500
CPL: $600

Criteria: Took Zantac® for at least 4 months, diagnosed with stomach, bladder, kidney, pancreatic, esophageal, intestinal, liver, uterine, or colon cancer within 5 years of taking Zantac®.

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#8 Elmiron — $65,424

Elmiron is slowly moving its way back up our Hot Tort charts! After falling low in spending a few months ago, we are excited to see Elmiron working its way back up the ranks and landing its highest spending this quarter!

For metrics such as CPA, CPL, and criteria, please contact us.

Learn More About Elmiron

#9 Talcum Powder – $46,070

Possibly the largest decrease in spending we saw this month was in talcum powder. It isn’t entirely uncommon for newer torts spending to fluctuate, so we will be watching to see how talcum spending measures up over the next few months.

CPA: $1,200
CPL: $600

Criteria: J&J Talcum Baby Powder® or Shower to Shower® usage for at least 4 years, diagnosed with Ovarian, Endometrial/Uterine, Cervical, Fallopian Tube, Vulvar, or Leiomyosarcoma Cancer.

Learn More About Talcum Powder

#10 HIV Drugs — $11,531

After vanishing from the charts with lower spending over the last few months, HIV Drug spending is up this month and has landed the tenth spot on our Hot Tort Report for October.

CPA: $700
CPL: $250

Criteria: Took Atripla, Complera, Stribild, Truvada, or Viread. Diagnosed with Kidney Failure (Acute or Chronic), Kidney Disease (Acute or Chronic), Severe Renal Deficiency, Fatal Renal Insufficiency, End Stage Renal Disease, Fanconi Syndrome, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Avascular necrosis, or Bone Injuries i.e. bone mineral density, fractures, etc.

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