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If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you’ve most likely noticed changes to your profile page. Overall, Facebook has only released small changes directly related to design up until this point. This change however, incorporates a brand new look and an update to the social channel. Hundreds of millions of people log on to Facebook every day, making it an incredibly important place to build on both brand awareness and spread content.

What large changes have recently taken place? First, you immediately notice how fresh and clean the new layout is. The new Facebook layout design recently released includes both new navigation and a prominent call to action area. Essentially, all of the same items, information, and pictures are still shown directly on your page; everything is simply rearranged for a cleaner left-to-right look and a more compelling action.

What Changes Have Been Made?

Updated Navigation

Users that visit the company page can now immediately view different sections, including: About, Video, Photos, Posts, and Events. This provides a great opportunity to showcase recent events and changes around the law firm and make it immediately accessible. Navigation sections can also be customized depending on industry and other social media accounts. This means you can now showcase content from LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. directly on your Facebook page, which in turn will simplify overall social media management.

Profile Pictures

One of the most noticed changes is the profile image being moved to the top left of the page, instead of appearing over the cover image. This allows more flexibility in what can be posted and provides a great opportunity to combine both profile and cover pictures together in unique and engaging ways.

Call to Action

Facebook’s recent update now also includes a blue call-to-action button directly below the cover photo. What better way to use attorney advertising to the company’s advantage by catering your call-to-action directly to potential customers? The call-to-action button can encourage people to learn more by visiting the company website, offer an eBook download as a way to promote content, or ask past clients to write a review. The possibilities are truly endless and requires a good overall digital marketing strategy to routinely choose which message is best.

Ad-Free Pages

New pages are now completely ad free, whereas ads used to appear on the right side. This gives your company Facebook page an overall cleaner look, and provides the opportunity to truly customize the company page to what showcases the brand best.

The new Facebook layout promises to simplify and create more awareness around company pages. While paid advertising on Facebook is still alive and well, it’s equally important to focus on organic posts and content directly on company pages in order to grow.

As with any change to a social media platform, it’s incredibly important that both departments and team members review the changes and create an overall strategy for overall improvement. Social media is an ever-changing communication tool. With consistent updates and entirely new platforms being created often, it’s vital to stay aware of both changing trends and system updates in order to take full advantage.

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