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Reviews are essential to establishing credibility, furthering company brand, and establishing quality relationships with both existing and new customers. As an up and coming law firm, it’s important to ask current clients for reviews in a professional, friendly way. When you are in charge of any business, you know that online reviews can make all the difference.

Oftentimes, reviews have the power to shape public opinion more than ads. The new era of digital marketing includes reviews, and responding to both positive and negative reviews in real time to develop better customer relationships. One of the most effective ways to combat a few bad reviews is to ensure that there are many more high-quality, stellar reviews that showcase your law firm in a positive light. How can you take advantage of this? By engaging happy customers and encouraging them to leave a review.

With multiple third party sites as well as reviews directly on the company website, there are so many outlets for customers to express thoughts about your law firm. In order for your legal marketing to grow and reach new audiences, it’s important to ask for online reviews in the right way.

Profiles on Review Sites

Having a company profile on numerous review sites furthers company credibility and makes it easier to respond directly to positive and negative reviews. With a company profile, you can add images, business hours, address, phone number and more.

Ask Customers

Customers understand how important reviews are for businesses in a growing digital age. By asking happy customers to give your business a review, further relationships are established and you can better determine what changes need to be made. The next time a client compliments a certain person or service within the company, kindly ask them to leave an online review detailing their experience. Customers are more likely to respond immediately and assist in writing a review, providing the law firm with invaluable feedback.

Make it Simple

Leaving an online review should not be complicated. If it is, customers will lose interest and leave the review site. By making reviews easy to access and simple to navigate, more reviews can be written and better relationships can be established. Use direct links to review profiles on your website, or create a short follow up email after someone writes a review.

Give Incentives

While it’s important to not skew positive reviews for your company, it never hurts to provide customers with an admirable incentive to encourage online reviews. Sometimes even the most satisfied customer needs a small reminder or push. Offering a small incentive is a great way to both show appreciation and spread the word about your business. Monthly giveaways can be a great option, and an effective way to encourage reviews without providing any compensation.

Online reviews today can make or break a business. In order for a law firm to continually grow and succeed, responding to reviews and further communicating with customers is essential. Responding to both negative and positive reviews can work wonders for companies, and can create many other benefits as well.

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