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Every business small or large needs to have a significant social media presence. It is not uncommon for a business to be set up on multiple social media platforms, but most of them are not posting engaging content. The frequency of posts is also lacking across the board.

After looking over dozens of different personal injury firm’s social medias, I find that most of them are communicating insignificant content and only posting around 3-7 times a month. The content that I’m seeing across the board is things like employee’s birthdays, different things around the office, etc. These things are great, but if you don’t provide something of value for your potential customers you will fade into irrelevancy.

Concentrating on something that a potential customer could see as value is what you want to strive for. Explaining FAQs is a good way to communicate to your audience because you may answer a thought someone had, and that gets them one more step to calling you. Posting facts about settlements and injury statistics help educate your audience on the process of personal injury. This is helpful because many people that are reaching out for the first time aren’t familiar with the process of how everything works. You sure would hate on missing out on a potential case because they think that it costs them money to initially talk with your firm.

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