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PPC managers assessing adwords quality score

A great PPC agency is an indispensable asset to a law firm’s digital marketing strategy. In order to ensure that your money is being put to good use and resulting in growth for the company, it’s essential to ask the question: Is my PPC agency keeping track of our company quality score?

Quality scores are one of the largest factors Google uses to determine which ads should be shown and what position they will be in. The most recent change by Google regarding quality scores occurred in September 2016. This update resulted in keywords that had insufficient data or a slim research history to now receive a null quality score.

What This Means

This recent change in quality score follows an update from last year, where Google decided all keywords should start with a quality score of six. Before this update was released, keywords received an estimated quality score based mainly on historical data as well as the advertiser’s quality score history. This resulted in advertiser’s previous account levels affecting the starting quality score of new keywords. Not surprisingly, this created a few problems. First, it made it so that quality scores of six were given to keywords based on history, or based on too little data, resulting in a default quality score of six.

This made it difficult still to determine which keywords should be optimized and which might improve organically over time. The 2015 update resulted in many accounts moving closer to quality scores of six, while accounts with insufficient data were automatically given a six as well.

Now, keywords with insufficient data still remain eligible for ad auctions and quality scores. Quality scores determine many important things regarding online growth, and can affect whether the ad is eligible to appear in a query, and what position the ad will appear in. Quality score can also affect the CPC needed to beat competitors, as well as the extensions and other features available that the ad may use.

Talk to a Qualified PPC Agency

To understand where your company lies on the quality score scale and determine what can be done to improve overall rankings while reducing cost, it’s incredibly important to verify that the PPC agency being used is actively monitoring company quality score. Monitoring the score not only provides the company with a clear direction of what new and existing keywords to pursue and dedicate more funds to, but also assists the marketing and content creation teams with development focused around growing and important keywords.

Bringing it all together, quality scores can be highly beneficial to businesses looking to grow online presence and spend marketing funds more wisely. By seeking to improve overall quality scores of various keywords and creating relevant, informative content, law firms of all sizes can see growths in online engagement and create increasingly better content for both existing and future clients.

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