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By Kevin White, CEO and President, Whitehardt, Inc.

I know it’s a hassle to keep good data on the number of intakes that come in each day. I mean, how could it possibly be important to make note of the really bad ones? You know, the caller who was at fault, or worse, Mrs. Jones reporting that her cat clawed her. But it is important because if your ad is generating a large percentage of off-topic leads, it’s an indication your ad needs to be modified.

Equally important is the time of day the call comes in. This should be fairly intuitive – if you rarely get a call before 10:30 am, it’s probably time to ditch those 9 am shows you’re buying. Do your calls peak in the noon hour? They should. Is 3 pm to 5 pm also a high volume time for calls? If not, change your strategy. That’s when the fish are supposed to be biting!

What percentage of your calls merit setting an appointment? What percentage of your appointments do you get contracts on? These are important questions because if those percentages are too high or too low, it could be another indication your strategies need updating.

The message here is that cross referencing your strategies with your results is very beneficial. It’s well worth the extra work for the payout in increased case volume.

If your ad agency is not keeping up with these numbers, maybe it’s time to switch agencies. I know that’s a big decision with far-reaching implications. So, don’t decide today to change over to Whitehardt, just decide to call and talk to me. You’re a savvy business owner and I’ll bet you can spot a fake a mile away. Give me a chance to prove I’m the real deal.

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