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Whitehardt is a full-service broadcast and digital media agency specializing in legal marketing and consulting for law firms. Since 2002 we have provided proven, comprehensive attorney advertising strategies across all media. Our services include broadcast TV and web video production, local and national media buying, web design and inbound marketing, pay-per-click, social media, call center operations, and law practice management consulting. More calls; more cases. That’s the Whitehardt way.

Media Auditor

Job description

Essential Job Duties and Skills:
  1. Responsible for broadcast TV buys across multiple DMAs
  2. Manages and develops relationships with various media across all mediums to ensure Whitehardt is deriving as much value as possible from all media investments.
  3. Provide reporting on campaigns tracking various KPIs: spot clearance & rotation, spot rates, GRPs by market, CPP, etc.
  4. Research of media outlets, identifying: viewership demographics, geographic coverage, spot rates, added-value opportunities, etc.
  5. Analyze competitive spending data and make adjustments to the buys accordingly
  6. Conducts negotiations with media sales reps.
  7. Negotiates make good schedules and value-added deals
  8. Works hand-in-hand with the account service team.
  9. Analyzing campaign performance and recommend necessary optimizations.
  1. Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in marketing or advertising
  2. Strong understanding of TV ratings and media calculations
  3. Strong computer skills including online media research and planning tools: STRATA, KANTAR, SQAD etc.
  4. Strong mathematical and analytical skills and understanding of the strengths of various mediums
  5. Must be organized, efficient and have strong attention to detail.
  6. Ability to articulate and develop clear and concise opinions on the media landscape and relevant vendors.
  7. Ability to work autonomously, take ownership of projects, and work in a collaborative fashion with all teams.
  8. Proficient in Microsoft Office especially Excel.
  9. Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills and has the ability to multi-task across numerous projects.
Required education:
  1. Bachelor’s

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