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Building brand loyalty never happens overnight. Brand loyalty takes time and constant dedication in order to have customers return often as well as refer your firm’s services. Reports show that it can often cost over 7X more money to acquire a new customer than it takes to retain one. Because of that, the importance of brand loyalty is at an all-time high. Implementing a plan to tackle the topic of brand loyalty and make it a top priority is paramount in today’s business world, and law firms are no exception. So what’s a company to do?

Post Consistent, Quality Content on Social

Firms often have a love-hate relationship with social. At times it can seem to be a time-consuming endeavor with not a lot of reward. However, the importance of posting consistent, quality content on social media has the ability to expand your viewership and eventually attract new clients. It’s imperative for companies of today to use social media – posting regularly can help in immeasurable ways.

Solicit Feedback

Some of the easiest ways to solicit feedback it to allow online reviews and create surveys. These both provide an open look into the consumer’s experience and, if done well, can provide great insight into what works and what may need to be changed within the firm.

Don’t Skimp On Quality When It Comes to Service

For brand loyalty it’s essential to have and maintain a service that keeps people coming back. Be relentless in giving potential clients the best service available, from start to finish. This also increases chances of positive referrals and more organic growth.

Continually Remain Relevant

Similar to the above, seeking to foster continual growth of your service can make a great deal of difference with brand loyalty. Dedicate time to helping people within the firm grow; foster a continual sense of learning throughout all areas of the business. By seeking to continually remain relevant, clients will keep coming back for the new and improved service.

Show Appreciation Often

Showing appreciation often as a company can also include creating a loyalty program as mentioned above. Companies that excel in brand loyalty take it one step further however – they recognize the need to thank their customers often and reward them consistently. Whether it’s a client appreciation event, a discounted service or product only available to an email list, etc. clients will notice.

Inspiring and fostering brand loyalty is never done. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, brand loyalty is more important than ever before. Creating a dedicated and returning client base can take hard work and a constant need to reevaluate and eliminate what doesn’t work while focusing on what works best. By reviewing and revamping, brand loyalty is poised for success.

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