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Creating quality content for any firm’s blog is no easy feat. Now more than ever, companies often turn to quantity over quality, believing that outsourcing content creation in order to create large variety of posts is the best approach. In order to produce such a great deal of content on budget, firms often outsource the work to be done overseas, oftentimes by non-native English speakers.

The blogs that are returned often come across as poorly written and keyword stuffed. The content is written more for the search engine than for the general customer and potential client. This is very frustrating for searchers who are trying to get fast answers to their questions. In order to stand out from the competition, it’s vital to combine both solid SEO best practices with solid, informational content.

Why is this necessary?

Users Value Original Content

In an age where content is constantly being refreshed and recreated, it’s necessary as a firm to constantly think of new ways to create fresh, original content that answers questions. When company blog’s seek to answer questions, engage readers, and constantly deliver fresh and new content, readership grows consistently. When readers know they can expect high quality posts, they often return regularly to find answers to their questions and learn more.

Quality Content Ranks Higher

Quality content is like the cream of butter; it always rises to the top. Quality content is the type of blog that answers questions again and again. Other than that, the form of content itself can vary. It could be a deep, how-to video that’s posted on numerous social media sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.). It could be a scrollable, mobile-friendly infographic that dives into a specific topic and covers multiple aspects. Regardless of the type of content, the quality of the content is what makes it continually stand out. Using different mediums, including infographics and videos, on a company blog also helps solidify what types of content stand out, what people enjoy sharing, and what receives external linking and further growth.

Everyone Notices Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing was a common SEO tactic several years ago, but things have changed. Try it now and everyone will notice. Keyword stuffing often takes place on company blogs with the belief that it will help SEO rankings, and that more search engines will pick it up as a viable sight. Unfortunately, while search engines may pick up the blog post, when readers notice the obvious keyword-stuffing they will most likely stop reading and likely never return. Keyword-stuffing can be incredibly detrimental to a company blog. It can make the copy look outsourced, non-educational, and downright full of fluff instead of quality, informational content. In other words, if you don’t want to read your blog – no one else does.

Linking to External Pages Raises Credibility

While many blogs seek to only rank to top-navigation pages or other blog posts within the site, external ranking to other sites is a great way to grow readership and find more sites externally linking to your company blog as well. External linking can add more knowledge and credibility to the conversation, which can be a win-win for both parties.

Creating blog content for your law firm that ranks can often be a guessing game. Thankfully, through trial and error it can become easier to find what forms of content and what topics truly resonate with readers. Over time, readership can grow and blog content will continually rank higher because it is seen as truly high quality.

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