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A recent infographic about the one hundred most expensive keywords on Google is catching a lot of buzz. The infographic presents some very interesting results shedding light on how competitive the local attorney market has gotten.

The top 9 out of 10 most expensive keywords in the entire United States were pertaining to the legal industry, particularly personal injury keywords. The most expensive was “San Antonio car wreck attorney” bringing in a whopping $670.44.

See the top 10 list below.

  • San Antonio car wreck attorney – $670.44
  • Accident attorney Riverside VA – $626.90
  • Personal injury attorney Colorado – $553.08
  • Top personal injury attorneys – $551.32
  • Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles – $551.11
  • Structured settlements – $539.82
  • Car accident attorney Orange County – $507.54
  • Austin drug rehab – $463.05
  • Orange County accident attorney – $450.91
  • West Palm beach criminal lawyer – $435.81

It is very surprising that eight of the above listed have a geo modifier and are not broad national keywords, such as, “best smartphone” or “digital camera”. You would think that the broader keywords would have higher bids, but the keywords with the geo modifiers are dominating the broad search terms. The legal industry is dominating these numbers absorbing a whopping 78% of the related keywords, followed by water damage (8%), insurance (6%), drugs & alcohol (4%), online education (3%), and lastly, business services (1%).

  • Three out of every four people looking for attorneys use online resources
  • One out of three people in the US will see counsel in their lifetime

The states that are seeing the most activity  are California, Colorado, Texas, & Florida. The legal industry continues to top the list dominating the top 3 most expensive keywords in each state with 8 out of 12 taking up those spots. Want to see the infographic for yourself? Just look down!

Google’s Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords for 2015 [Infographic] - An Infographic from SEMrush Blog

Embedded from SEMrush Blog


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