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Personal injury lawyer’s leads is very competitive and there are rules lawyers must follow before contacting a victim, but none if they call you.

The market for personal injury lawyer’s leads is very competitive. There are many rules that lawyers must follow before they can contact a victim, but there are no rules associated with a victim contacting the lawyer first. If you are wanting to be a player in your market for personal injury you must have a solid base and a few key elements in place before you can even attempt to dig out any market share.

Comprehensive Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to generate brand awareness and mold the culture of your practice to how you want it to be portrayed. It is also an amazing communication tool. It is not uncommon for a person to see a discussion or blog post and ask a question about the issue. This type of communication can lead to a case if the situation is appropriate.

Website & Blog

Your website is essentially your online office. It is the reference point to where everyone will go to find out more information about your practice. You want this to be as professional as possible, reflecting your business and what you stand for. Not having a website could possibly be less damaging than having one that is elementary or not working.

Good Lead Intake

Generating good, qualified leads is a tough battle, but it can all be done for nothing if you don’t have a well-oiled system for getting the proper information from these potential customers. We understand that every call and email isn’t going to become a client, but you have to treat every lead with the same importance as the next. Make certain that your intake service and employees are well equipped for any questions or concerns a potential client might come at them with and to always get their contact information. It is not uncommon for an intake specialist to get the accident information, but fail to get the contact info from the victim.

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