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Turnkey Advertising and Case Acquisition Solutions for Plaintiff Law Firms.


How We Help You

Whether it’s one case in a select jurisdiction or 10,000 cases across the country, our job is to get you and/or your partner firms the highest quality cases at the most efficient costs possible.

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How We Do It


We Use A Data-First Approach

Our campaigns are based on a combination of 1st and 3rd-party data using both Digital & TV Media. We find the right audience, wherever they are, and get them to act.


We Use Creatives That Convert

Our ads use clear, direct response messaging honed over two decades of experience that make potential claimants take action now.


We Optimize Based On What’s Working Best

Leads and contracts are tracked in real time, so we know what’s working and when. That information is fed back into the campaign to optimize for the best ROI.

Ads are included at no cost

100% of your investment goes towards media

Tracking numbers are included at no charge

Call center included, up to 2% of investment

We’ve Got You Covered

Once we have all the details and funds in place, we handle everything.  We take care of the ads, phone numbers, call center setup, CRM integrations, and contract pursuit.

Trusted By Law Firms All Over The U.S.

Successfully Generating Leads for Over 18 Years

"Truly scalable results, from a $25k test to $1 million a month, Whitehardt results are consistent and predictable."

"When it comes to delivering the highest quality leads, Whitehardt is second to none."

"When I invest, I tend to invest large. And when it's time to put millions of dollars into a tort campaign, Kevin & Whitehardt have my trust!"

Matt Daniel

Ferrer Poirot & Wansbrough

Bob Goldwater

The Goldwater Law Firm

John Cracken

The Cracken Law Firm PC

Current Campaigns


CPA*: $3,250

CPL: $1,000

CPA*: $2,200

CPL: $700

Talcum Powder

CPA*: $1,500

CPL: $600



* Includes Contract Services fees

Creative Spotlight

We generate the highest quality cases available anywhere. 

Others often mask the true cost-per-contract under cost-per-call models or with bulk digital leads that are hard to follow up with. That’s not the Whitehardt way. Our program ensures you get the best possible cases and, more importantly, the best return on your investment.

“I am extremely proud to have worked with some of the nation’s most elite law firms. I know that I have their trust to deliver the quality leads they demand with a true capacity to satisfy their volume needs."

Mass Tort Case Generation For Plaintiff Law Firms

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