Mass Tort Lead Generation

Mass Tort Advertising For Elite Law Firms

Whitehardt is the engine behind the Goldwater Law Firm, one of the biggest brands in mass tort advertising. Using the power of the Goldwater brand can mean the difference between a good return and a great return on your investment. That’s why our program out-performs the competition and keeps our investors coming back for more.

The Highest Quality Leads & The Best CPL

We’ve established relationships with national media vendors that were previously unheard of in the industry. Capitalizing on these relationships, we are able to get your message in front of more people-per-dollar than anyone else in the game. We get the best cost-per-leads through tough negotiations, constant results tracking and the right strategy.

There’s a synergy between the ads and placing them in front of the right people. It works. That’s why they keep coming back.

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Better Buys + Better Ads + Established Brand = BIGGER RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

Many of the Biggest & Best law firms in the country have trusted Whitehardt with their advertising dollars.

The Best Investment You Can Make In Mass Torts

You make the media investment and we do the rest. All you have to do is decide which campaign you want to pursue. Every dime of your investment goes towards media placements that drive people to the phone. The call center, 800 numbers, and the ads are all included. The commercial spots run with unique phone numbers that are specific to your law firm. So every lead generated by your ad guarantees that you benefit when it becomes a case. If you want to work that case, you can. If not, we can connect you with a qualified partner firm to work the cases for you. Our program provides attorneys a proven, confidential path to profit through Multi-District Litigations.

100% TV Leads
No Telemarketers
No Spam Leads
No Offshore Call Centers

  • FREE Commercials

  • 100% of your Investment goes towards Media

  • FREE 800 Numbers

  • FREE Call Center*

* We cover call center costs up to 2% of your investment based on $1 per minute. It’s extremely rare for costs to exceed 2%.

Badass Media Negotiators

When you want to make a killing, you Need A Killer Media Buyer.

When the stakes are high, you wouldn’t walk into a courtroom without a killer litigator on your team. When it comes to your large sum media investment, don’t settle for a pansy ass media negotiator. A hardball negotiator. A relentless haggler. A scrapper. A fighter. That’s what you get out of our media team at Whitehardt.

Better rates mean more impressions for your dollars. More impressions yield more calls. More calls yield more cases. More cases yield more dollars in your pocket, and that’s the point of all this.

Don’t waste your advertising dollars trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We’ve got the road map to the best results in the country!

  • Over 3,000 Whitehardt ads per day airing nationwide
  • Over 22 million impressions per day on our ads
  • Over $15m in mass tort spending annually
  • An additional $24m placed in local markets per year
  • Every dime of it is from investors just like you

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