Built to honor the vision you have for your law firm. 

This is your story. You are the hero. A protagonist and a visionary. You're the decision maker and success is within reach. By partnering with Whitehardt, you can achieve all the marketing goals you set for your mass tort practice.

  • Do you need thousands of new case files?
  • Do you need a handful of bellwether cases to take to trial? 
  • Do you want to invest in your first tort and need to connect with elite firms to ensure your growth?

Our Whitehardt ONE program has been the engine behind many of the country’s largest brands' success in mass tort advertising. 


Quality Cases

It’s a common mistake when going after new case files to only ask your vendors one question: how cheap are your leads? We get it. More volume could possibly mean more cases. But why tie up your valuable intake resources sorting through thousands of dead-end leads yielding a 25% conversion rate when you could be onboarding well-vetted, high-quality new clients?

Whitehardt ONE is changing the narrative to quality.

We generate the highest quality cases available anywhere. Others often mask the true cost-per-contract under cost-per-call models or with bulk digital leads that are hard to follow up with. That’s not the Whitehardt way. Our program ensures you get the best possible leads and, more importantly, the best return on your investment.

Whitehardt ONE consistently outperforms the competition and keeps our investors coming back for more.





CPL: $125

CPL: $280

CPL: $400





CPL: $1000

CPL: $1000

CPL: $600

How It Works

You make the media investment and we do the rest. All you have to do is decide which campaign you want to pursue and we'll have you up and running, generating quality leads, as early as the next week. Every dime of your investment goes to media placements. The ads and setup are included.

Our program provides attorneys a proven, confidential path to profit through Multidistrict Litigations.

Your campaigns will run with unique tracking numbers specific to your law firm. So every lead generated guarantees that you benefit when it becomes a case. If you want to work that case, you can. If not, we can connect you with a qualified partner firm to work the cases for you. 

  • Ads are included at no cost
  • 100% of your investment goes towards media
  • Tracking numbers are included at no charge
  • Call center is included up to 2% of investment

The Best Investment You Can Make In Mass Torts

We're the engine behind many of the country’s largest mass tort advertisers 

"When I invest, I tend to invest large. And when it's time to put millions of dollars into a tort campaign, Kevin & Whitehardt have my trust!"

"Truly scalable results, from a $25k test to $1 million a month, Whitehardt results are consistent and predictable."

"When it comes to delivering the highest quality leads, Whitehardt is second to none."

Matt Daniel

Bob Goldwater

John Cracken

Ferrer Poirot & Wansbrough

The Goldwater Law Firm

The Cracken Law Firm PC

"I am extremely proud to have worked with some of the nation’s most elite law firms. I know that I have their trust to deliver the quality leads they demand with a true capacity to satisfy their volume needs."

Kevin White

Co-Founder & CEO

Mass Tort Marketing For Elite Law Firms

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