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How to Optimize Your Site For Conversions | Whitehardt

Creating the perfect website takes time, resources, and a dedicated team. After you’ve created the perfect website (ideally during creation), it’s important to make sure your site is and will be optimized for the fullest amount of conversions possible. Here are some tactics that help move the needle:

Numbers In Headlines

It’s both eye-catching and can be a great way to convey credibility if the numbers are related directly to company metrics. Numbers are more likely to gain audience interest and get them to eventually convert. Numbers are a great way to convey company figures and other accomplishments. In some cases, adding numbers into a headline can improve conversions by 30%.

Different Form Types

Some form types are more likely to convert than others, but how do you know what will specifically work for your audience? Within a website, it’s essential to test different form versions to see which converts more and why. Running A/B tests on different forms and the title, colors, and overall layout can be a great way to test ads simply. Within legal advertising, A/B testing on forms can be conducted through offering slightly different services or changing the title of a service.

Consistent Call to Action

It goes without saying, but without a call to action chances of conversion are very slim. The audience can’t read your mind; it’s essential to give a clear call to action anywhere it is necessary for optimal conversions. When creating a call to action, it’s vital to create a sense of urgency. This can help the audience finalize their decision quickly be ensuring that the urgency is both real and relevant.

Display Top Services

With any website management, what converts is what’s used and liked by current clients. If your firm offers a few top services as their specialty, make sure those are called out both in the top navigation and throughout sub pages. Displaying your top services makes it easier for potential customers to convert and quickly find information. It also creates credibility and a knowledge that this is the most popular service, and that previous clients have used it often and with success.

Live Chat Feature

Remaining completely accessible is ideal both in terms of company image and converting optimizations. If a customer has a question or concern and can immediately get that resolved with a staff member, they are much more likely to convert and eventually use a service. If they are left with unanswered questions, they will either leave the site to not return or begin searching for another company.

Color Scheme

Many large law firms already have both a brand guide and company colors in place. While performing an audit to maximize your site conversions, make sure to pay attention to the colors used and see if there is any room for improvement. Colors play a larger role in purchasing decisions than most people think. By looking at both individual colors and the overall scheme, your company can experience higher conversions and a more cohesive look.

Optimizing a website for conversions is a never-ending task. Chances are there are multiple areas of improvement for every website. Because of this, it’s essential to think of the above items while first designing a website as well as regularly conducting site audits to make sure everything is up to par. With a dedicated online team and a desire to truly showcase services, creating and maintaining a stellar website is easier than ever.

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