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Google searcher SEO tactics | Whitehardt

SEO is a constantly evolving subject; what worked 2 years ago could be unthinkable now. Because of this, it’s important to consistently stay up-to-date with new and changing SEO best practices and tips. Paying attention to these changes allows website rankings to improve instead of drop. What exactly should you be looking to avoid?

Focusing on Keywords More than Clicks

Through keyword research and targeting, digital marketing strategy can often be centered on cramming the largest amount of keywords on any relevant page possible. The problem with overstuffed, barely varied keywords is that they don’t specifically draw clicks. Consumers are more aware of keyword-stuffed pages and as a result may not click. Google specifically uses click signals to better rank sites and pages over time. Because of this, it’s important to focus on creating a message not focused around keywords, but instead focused on answering a question simply and efficiently.

Multiple Pages for Keyword Variants

While this may have been effective for a very long time, it now has a profound effect on usability – and consumers are starting to notice! Creating multiple pages for keyword variants was used to amplify keyword targeting and rise through the rankings on Google. However, Google quickly caught on and introduced an “intent and topic” matching model. Essentially, this ensures that consumers find one page targeting any variation of a potential keyword, instead of being blasted with hundreds of pages of content.

Numerous Microsites and Separate Domains

Similar to the above tactic, marketers and SEO professionals used to center their strategy around the idea that more sites meant more consumer traffic. They generated multiple microsites for the same company aimed at the selling the same product to the same audience. The issue? The plan to bring in more traffic backfired. Instead of rankings improving overall, they were split up by each microsite with each only taking a small percentage. Organizing relevant content by topic under one domain has proven to be the smartest option to drive continuous, steady traffic.

Non-Strategic Linkbait

Few successful companies still engage in useless linkbait content geared toward “going viral”. The concept of clickbait revolves around simply drawing people to the website. This does not provide quality content that helps users find the answers they need to make an informed choice about a product or service. High quality content does not exist within linkbait. Creating quality content that satisfies user intent is the what will win the day.

Satisfying a user’s search query creates a positive association with your brand and can set your firm apart from your competition. Positive brand image is vital for keeping customers and becoming known as a true thought leader in your industry. By providing quality content routinely, more consumers will come to know and trust your business.

As mentioned above, SEO is constantly evolving. It’s important for every company to stay abreast of the changes and make improvements to their site accordingly. Switching from old to new techniques can take time, training, and constant dedication, but will pay off in the long run. To play the game and win, you must know the rules. If the rules change, you need to change how you play. It’s that simple.

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