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Companies want to consistently assure that they are spending marketing money on campaigns that can truly perform well. In today’s current market, many law firms who have hired an ad agency quickly realize the importance of investing in a solid PPC campaign.

Within marketing today, there are a multitude of options to reach your audience. Because of this, some law firms may think that pay-per-click advertising is either unnecessary or not relevant.

However, there are many reasons why PPC should still be used for attorney ads.

Covers Bases

With billions of searches occurring daily on Google, it’s simple to see that Google generates an enormous growth of web traffic. Because of this, it makes sense that companies looking to grow should seek to show ads specifically on Google, simply because PPC allows you to reach super-targeted audience. If customers are searching for a specific keyword, creating content and improving SEO will greatly improve the chances both of your law firm being found and of more potential clients using the law firm services.

It’s been said that if ad agencies representing companies are not using Google for ad placements, agencies are making a conscious decision to not use all the channels available for true growth. By advertising directly on Google, law firms can ensure that they are seen quickly and clicked on often.

Helps Test

PPC is unique in that it lets companies test different areas of various campaigns while seeing results in real-time. Advertisers can quickly test target audiences, keywords, and messaging in a relatively short amount of time and then modify as necessary to create the results desired. PPC is often viewed as a more mature medium, allowing data that is more granular with multiple tools designed to generate meaningful data quickly from numerous campaigns. When PPC is implemented, advertisers can view directly what works, and simply implement the things that work best. By utilizing PPC, companies can better prioritize certain marketing strategies that have worked in the past.

Google’s Interest

Simply put, Google wants to ensure that both its search engine and Google AdWords are performing well. Google currently makes over $30 billion from PPC advertising alone, proving that a vested interest exists to make Google work as effortlessly as possible for both businesses and customers.

Of course, PPC advertising offers many other benefits and opportunities for growth as well. By working with a well-trained advertising agency that stays abreast of current market trends, keywords, and relevant audiences, law firms can make better decisions when it comes to PPC campaigns and determine what works best for both the budget and overall marketing goals.

A well-funded and solidly built PPC campaign can completely revolutionize a business. While some PPC campaigns may be set up better regarding particular strategies than others, it helps to employ an advertising agency that you can truly rely on and work with. By completing the work in the beginning and continuing to modify based on best practices and changes in keywords, etc., companies can see traffic grow through a strongly-developed PPC campaign.

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