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Personal injury lawyers are seasoned in the rule of law, but many of them find trouble acquiring customers and getting their name out there.

Attorneys are seasoned in the rule of law, but many of them find trouble acquiring customers and getting their name out there. Since the industry is somewhat saturated, it seems that there are always a few attorneys that stick out in each market area. The ones that stick out are probably the ones that are advertising, as well as, getting the most cases. So what are some television broadcast tips a personal injury attorney can take advantage of and get noticed?

Utilize Local TV Advertising For Personal Injury Lawyers

TV commercials are one of the most successful avenues a personal injury attorney can take. In our experience, it takes roughly 5-10% of total market spend to make a significant impact through broadcast TV. The only downside to commercial ads is that they can be pricey, so you must capitalize on your media buying and your commercial’s content must be created to generate the most possible leads.

Successful TV Buying Strategy For Personal Injury Lawyers

Do you know when injury victims are making the most calls? Do you know which shows or networks they are watching? Do you know which shows or networks are cheaper to advertise on? Are you able to get special pricing on your media buys? These questions are essential to successful television advertising campaigns. Without prior knowledge or previous campaigns, these questions may be difficult to answer. It may be best for you to hire an experienced media buyer to handle these purchases for you. Throughout our experience we have built a vast knowledge and understanding on when, where and how to place our client’s television ads. Our extensive relationships with media companies have also allowed us to get special pricing, in-turn making it cheaper for our clients.

Make Sure Your Face Is In The Commercial

Many attorneys don’t want to put their face in a commercial for a number of reasons. This is counterproductive for them because the audience wants to know who will be overseeing their case. There is something special about the human element of the commercial and knowing who the person is when choosing who to trust with something so important in one’s life. It is imperative that you come off intelligent, confident and trustworthy in your commercial.

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