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On July 29, 2019, Whitehardt is excited to attend Public Justice’s 37th Annual Gala & Awards Dinner onboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California.

We are proud to be a part of this important event, which will announce the winner of Public Justice’s prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award and raise money to support the organization’s mission.

Providing Access to Justice

Public Justice is a not-for-profit organization centered around fighting the many injustices present in the United States and holding the corporations who commit them legally responsible.

As “public interest advocates,” their team of staff lawyers partners with private attorneys across the country in order to provide access to justice for Americans who have been wronged.

Public Justice is committed to preserving the rights of victims who have suffered at the hands of corporate wrongdoers, such as deceptive pharmaceutical companies, irresponsible manufacturers, dangerous food producers, unjust employers, and more.

What Public Justice Is Doing

Consumers should be able to trust the products they use and bring into their homes. Unfortunately, some large and powerful corporations cheat consumers by rushing unsafe products to the market or covering up known risks in order to maximize their profits.

Deceptive corporate practices like this have caused harm and even death to many consumers. Public Justice’s efforts hold companies who put profits before people accountable for their actions and defend consumers’ rights across the country.

Litigating cases in state and federal courts, Public Justice has won a range of individual and class action cases, recovering millions of dollars for victims of corporate negligence.

“Public Justice fights in the highest courts for people who have been victims. They are the true heroes of this world and we need them because you never know if it’s going to be you, your friend, or a family member that is harmed by a company you trusted,” said Jess Miller, the Director of Client Services and Business Development at Whitehardt.

Why Is Public Justice Important to Whitehardt?

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Whitehardt continues to support Public Justice because their mission is so closely tied to our own. A legal marketing agency representing some of the largest mass tort firms in the country, Whitehardt enables attorneys to share their message with those who desperately need legal assistance. Legal marketing helps people who, otherwise wouldn’t have known they had a case, obtain the justice they deserve.

“I’m passionate about what I do at Whitehardt because I feel deep down in my heart that we’re helping the good guys. Plaintiff attorneys are fighting hard for people who have been wronged by big corporations within this country. My goal is to help my clients help as many people as possible, whether that’s by spreading the word, or making sure my clients are happy with their marketing, so they can pursue trying law,” Jess Miller commented.

Jess will be representing Whitehardt at Public Justice’s upcoming event and is excited to support a cause that honors plaintiff attorneys and shines light on the importance of empowering plaintiffs to take action.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Public Justice is impacting change, or would like to attend their Annual Gala and Awards Dinner, visit their website.

Speak With Jess About Whitehardt

At Whitehardt, we’re proud to partner with clients who work hard every day to recognize and fight for justice on behalf of injured victims. If you want to learn more about our values and how we help law firms across the country succeed, please don’t hesitate to call 615-577-1010 to speak with Jess or someone on our accounts team.

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