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An inadequate or poorly managed PPC campaign can have a profoundly negative effect. Google recently announced some of the largest changes in 10 years that directly affect law firms focusing on PPC. To truly understand these changes and be prepared moving forward, we need a deeper dive.

First, Google no longer offers ads on the right hand side of the search page. Previously, around 11 ads were offered both on the top and right hand side. Google has decreased the amount of advertising slots by only offering available space on the top of the page, making ad space three times more competitive overall. This leads to higher pricing and less availability overall.

Google is now looking at two major items to judge the PPC: quality score and overall strategy. The higher the quality score, the lower the cost per campaign. The largest area that affects quality scores is CTR, also known as click-through-rate. Click-through-rate rises depending on the compelling nature of the ad. Good ads focus on immediately establishing credibility and providing relevant information. The ads are clickable and user-friendly. Bad ads on the other hand are often more generic, and do not offer any immediate knowledge or beneficial information.

Another issue that can affect quality score through CTR is sending all clicks to the homepage of a website. While you might think this is comprehensive, people are less likely to stay on the site and look around if led to a generic page. It’s unsafe to assume that all people are interested in the same information. When they are taken to a specific page designed to answer their question, they are more likely to stay on the site and return.

In order to establish better CTR, design landing pages that match what a potential user is looking for. Design a page that answers questions and provides additional resources and tools. This is especially important to establish both sub niches and better keywords overall.

The final issue Google is paying close attention to is account history, and how often campaigns are turned on and off. If campaigns aren’t given a long time to run, or are often completely paused or unused, Google notices. With commitment to long term usage in order to see better results, remaining committed to a PPC campaign is key.

It’s also essential to implement retargeted ads focused on ultra-specific content. In order to retarget effectively, a PPC campaign needs to be well-rounded in the questions answered and information available.

A proper PPC campaign can often look like a complex web. The best campaigns involve high quality scores through better crafted ads with a higher CTR, specific landing page and keyword objectives, and proving ideal content that answers questions. The key is to always seek to improve – what works one month might not work the next. Through constant improvement, companies can see what keywords are the best to pursue, leading to more focused landing pages and additional content overall.

A proper PPC campaign evolves constantly, and should always provide quality content in order to continuously bring people back. The benefits of a well-rounded PPC campaign are endless.

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