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As a personal injury lawyer, I’m sure you are bombarded with email solicitations all the time from companies promising “first page of Google” results. It simply isn’t that easy. You are getting thrown into a massive email campaign in which the company is hoping you take the bait. SEO for personal injury law is never a sprint… It’s a marathon.

Google has worked tirelessly to make sure their algorithm is pulling the correct content for your searches. Black Hat Joe that stuffs websites with obvious keywords doesn’t work like it did before, in fact, you will get punished severely by Google for doing that. The giant search engine is using many different aspects about your company to choose where you will rank for a particular search.

Below I have listed some major factors that Google looks for now.

  • How many visitors are coming to your site
  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • How long you visitors are staying on your site
  • Is your contact information consistent throughout all of your business listings
  • Who is linking your site to theirs
  • How significant your social media influence is
  • Keywords in your site – Title, meta tags and descriptions
  • Photos that have been labeled and scripted properly
  • Fresh content – Blogging and more

Wanting to see a visual of the history of all the Google updates?

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