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The personal injury market is saturated with attorneys all fighting for similar clientele. So many firms look and feel so similar, what causes someone to choose one to represent them over another?

Google Ranking: One obvious choice is your firm’s Google ranking. Are you showing up on the first page? The first organic link on a search gets 33% of the traffic associated with that search. The number 2 spot garners 18%. Being near the top of the search not only provides useful traffic, but it builds and solidifies a cloud of credibility around your firm.

Personal Touch (Human Element):We believe that having a face in your advertisements helps create an intrinsic trust with potential customers and clients. When a client views you talking on a commercial or sees an advertisement with your picture, you are the person they are wanting to talk to, not your firm. It can be difficult at times for someone to start their legal journey and if they already know who they want to speak with, it can be easier for the attorney to get their business.

Creating Valuable Content: What does someone do when they have a legal question? A large percentage of people head straight to a search engine to get their answers. The most valuable asset a lawyer has is his/her knowledge of the legal field they practice, so if they can generate useful and engaging content this can help build up their name. For example, a lawyer can create a series of short videos that explain the necessary steps of applying for Social Security. If these videos are useful, people will view them and label you as the expert on that issue. Also, if these videos are getting regular views, Google will take notice and boost your Google rankings appropriately.

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