Call Center Management for Law Firms

Call Center Services: We will handle your call volume for you.

Law firms can get up to hundreds of inquiries per day. From new leads to existing clients, the volume of phone calls coming into a firm can be taxing on your staff. Without proper management, an overload of inquiries can cause potential good leads to be dropped, and can impede your current cases from settling.

With this in mind, Whitehardt has taken the initiative of offering call center services to law firms. From Felix’s expertise of aiding law firms in their lead and case management, we create call center scripts that will qualify the leads your law office receives, and nurtures potential new cases that can be live transferred or emailed to your firm.

There are several benefits of allowing our call center to answer your law firm’s calls:

It allows your employees to focus on their core competency.

If your regular employees are answering your phones, they are likely spending a large portion of their working hours answering existing clients phone calls and trying to qualify leads. Without having to constantly be on the phone fielding calls every day, your employees are able to focus on what they do best: working cases for you.  This allows more cases to flow into the demand and settlement phases.

You Only Have To Deal With Qualified Leads.

Working from an innovative script, our call center will qualify the leads that come to your law firm. You will only get passed on the types of cases that you want, which cuts down on the amount of noise coming into your firm. Unqualified leads feel that they were able to tell their story, and are emphatically given your state bar’s number so they feel that they have a next step to take. This allows even rejected leads to still sing your law office’s praises.

It allows us to get real-time data to improve your law firm.

When we answer your calls, we are able to see a full snapshot of the calls coming into your firm. This is helpful when consulting on your law firms’ operations, and allows us to get real time data on your advertisements’ success. With this information, we can make decisions quickly on the best next moves that your law office should take.

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