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Landing Pages For Lawyers

Landing Pages That Convert

Creating a landing page that can efficiently deliver the proper message and effectively gather the appropriate information is key for a lawyer’s successful online marketing campaigns. Google can recognize how relevant your landing page is compared with the search, and will then make a judgment on the appropriate ranking that will be served to the searcher.

Improve Pay-Per-Click Results

When setting up your pay-per-click campaigns, Google takes into a count a variable called a “quality score.” This score is rated from 1-10 and can drastically affect your campaigns. You can have the perfect ad set up, but if your quality score is down chances are it’s going to cost you more to bid on clicks and you’re less likely to convert the visitors into leads.

Why Do You Need Perfect Landing Pages?

  • Lower ppc bids
  • More conversions
  • Specific to search displays
  • Increased quality score from Google

Whitehardt has a team of diligent professionals that understand what it takes to convert an online visitor into a potential case lead. Our history with dealing exclusively with personal injury lawyers has given us the knowledge to understand every aspect of this online marketing industry.

Get A Free Evaluation Of Your Market

We have a formulaic approach that can determine your potential market share. Fill out our form and get a custom report on the cases and competition specific to your market. 

In Your Market Evaluation, You Will Get 

  • The number of possible cases there are in your market
  • Granular view of what your competitors are doing: from media buys to commercials to online advertising
  • Actionable recommendations customized to your firm

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