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Online Citations

Manage Your Directory Listings

Local online directories account for billions of searches each month. People searching directories like Avvo and Google+ Local are potential qualified leads looking for your business. You want to make sure these people find your firm, and that they have the information necessary to take immediate action when they do. The last thing you want is an old phone number or bad address getting between you and your prospective client.

Citations Help Local Search

Online citations also play a significant role when it comes to SEO. Search engines, like Google, want to show the most relevant results. This is especially true when someone is searching for a local business, such as a law firm. Having the correct online listings shows these search engines that your firm is a part of your local community.

The internet is full of hundreds of directories, and making sure your contact information is correct across all these platforms can be a monumental task. By subscribing to our service, you eliminate this headache.

Strategies for Getting Reviews

Our team will not only manage your firm’s listings across all the major directory services, we will also show you how to make the most of these listings by gaining online reviews from your clients. These online reviews are invaluable to your business. They serve as an instant summary of your firm’s reputation.

Having several good reviews can be the difference between being in the top five search results and sitting on the bottom of page two. In general, people feel compelled to write a review when they have had a bad experience. We’ll show you how to manage bad reviews, while collecting more positive ones. By making reviews part of your business model, you enhance your firm’s reputation and boost your search rankings. Our tactics make getting these reviews a snap.

Get A Free Evaluation Of Your Market

We have a formulaic approach that can determine your potential market share. Fill out our form and get a custom report on the cases and competition specific to your market. 

In Your Market Evaluation, You Will Get 

  • The number of possible cases there are in your market
  • Granular view of what your competitors are doing: from media buys to commercials to online advertising
  • Actionable recommendations customized to your firm

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