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Media Negotiations for Lawyers

Whitehardt Provides Sophisticated Media Buys for Attorneys.

Whitehardt’s goal is always to drive more cases to your law firm. We were built on being able to deliver not only compelling attorney commercials, but also a cost-effective implementation process. That is why we offer our media buying services to our clients. It is easy for an attorney to place his or her own media. But it is difficult to get those commercial spots at a great rate, and to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy. That is why dozens of law firms employ us to be their media buyers. The benefit of utilizing an attorney advertising agency like Whitehardt to negotiate your media buys is our experience and expertise. At Whitehardt, we treat your law firm like it is our own business. We guarantee that your law firm’s commercials will receive a top-notch media buying plan and will be placed at a competitive rate.


We Make Sure That We Have The Right Media Plan For Your Law Firm.

Whitehardt has developed a formula that will target the right viewer, and our goals is to get your message in front of more people-per-dollar. We pride ourselves on being efficiency experts, and we want you to feel confident that you are getting a good return on investment for your media dollars. Advertising on television for attorneys can be expensive, but we ensure that your dollars go further.

From our nearly 20 years experience in the business of attorney advertising, we know what strategies will make your phone ring.


Take A Play Out Of Whitehardt’s Media Buying Playbook.

Whitehardt has an extensive playbook of different media buying tactics that are proven to work.

We know which levers to pull when new competition comes into your market, or which steps to take when you want to increase the volume of your calls and cases. Our sophisticated formula allows us to know the minimum and maximum times your commercial needs to be shown and how many GRP’s (Gross Ratings Points) you need in your market to be effective. We know the correct amount of reach and frequency needed to turn an attorney television commercial into a successful campaign.


We Design Our Media Plans To Reach An Audience Of Your Potential New Clients.

We ensure that your commercials are shown when your potential clients are most likely to call. Our goal is to efficiently reach your law firm’s demographic, and we buy programs that are most likely to cater to your clients’ demographics. We buy spots during the times that your demographic is more apt to contact a law firm with a potential case.

Behind every good media buy are strong media negotiatiors. With our expertise, we can tell you whether you are over-bidding for your commercial spots, and the range of clearance and number of placements your buys should have. We are able to negotiate as an agency that ensure that your pricing is the best possible. Our experienced media buyers will fight on your behalf to make sure that you are getting the most value out of your investment.


The Most Informed Media Buys: Gain Insight With Data From Attorney’s Media Placements.

We subscribe to a state-of-the-art service that monitors local attorney TV commercial spots across the country. When you choose Whitehardt as your media buying agency, you gain access to this information. You will routinely receive comprehensive reports on the shows we’re buying and the number of spots that we are running for your law firm. Additionally, these reports feature comparative data  for other competing law firms in your market. This allows you to gain insight on how our media buying strategy stacks up to other law firms’ plans.


Our Data Gives You A Competitive Edge Against Other Law Firms.

With our access to the media buys of other law firms, we are able to devise strategies that will counter your competitors. We know the estimated budget of the other law firms in your market, what shows they are advertising on, how frequently they are running, and the demographic they are targeting. By using this type of market research, Whitehardt can take advantage of the holes in your competitors’ strategies resulting in more market share for your law firm.

Want A Better Media Buy? Get A Better Media Buyer.

Are you looking for an attorney advertising agency to handle your media buys? Look no further – Whitehardt’s media buyers are the best in the business.

We Charge Less For Media Buys
We charge less than other marketing agencies*. The more you buy, the better deal you receive. Our thorough audit process will check to make sure every spot ran at the right time, at the right rate, and with the right traffic. Furthermore, we will run a quarterly post to make sure you received every impression you paid for.

*monthly minimums may apply


We Are Your Attorney Advertising Agency, And We Prove That With Market Exclusivity.
You want your advertising agency to work for you. That is why Whitehardt offers market exclusivity for our clients. How can you trust that your placements are getting the best rate when your media buying agency is negotiating for you and your competitors? When you become a Whitehardt client, you can be assured that your media buyer is in your corner. We want you to have the best practice in your area; this is why we won’t work with anyone else within your DMA who is going after the same types of cases.

Consulting And Recommendations
We make data-driven recommendations and utilize a tried-and-true formula to predict your return for every dollar you invest. We can recommend a media budget that will meet your law firm’s goals. We know that television commercials can be expensive for attorneys, so we work with your budget to make a media buying strategy that works for you. We’ll tell you the minimum and maximum that you should be spending, and the sweet spot where you will get the return on investment that you are looking for.



Contact us to learn how more about our attorney media buying process and get a media plan tailored to your law firm. Whether you are interested in television spots, billboards, bus wraps or more, Whitehardt can help your law firm’s media buying plan be the best in your market.

We provide free market evaluations to anyone interested in hiring Whitehardt as their media agency. Fill out our free market analysis form or call our office to get your evaluation today.

Buy The Right Shows

Buy The Right Shows

By definition, a direct response campaign is going to ask the viewer to pick up the phone and call you now. So let’s make sure we choose mostly shows that air between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. These are the times the viewer expects your office to be open and you to answer your phone.

Since we know a less educated viewer is more likely to hire his attorney based on an advertisement, we focus on the shows they are watching: Jerry Springer being a great example. This is also the reason why we would pick The Price is Right over Jeopardy.

Frequency vs Reach

Frequency vs Reach

There is a Direct Response Theory that says, “You must get your message in front of the same viewer 6 to 10 times before you can push his button and motivate him to go to the phone and dial your number.”

This is why proper frequency is so important in attorney advertising. We are trying to get our message in front of the same viewer 6 to 10 times during the brief period his window of opportunity is open.

Frequency X Reach = Total Gross Rating Point (GRP)

The Less-Fished Pond Theory

The Less-Fished Pond Theory

The Less-Fished Pond Theory states that, all other things being equal, it’s better to have your ads on during less clutter than more clutter.

We subscribe to a service that monitors local attorney TV buys across the country. We know what shows your competitors are buying, with what frequency and what reach.

When you embrace this theory and use market research, you can take advantage of the weaknesses in your competitors’ strategies.

Added Value: Getting More For Your Money

Added Value: Getting More For Your Money

Stretch your advertising dollars to get the maximum return on investment through informed negotiations and detailed accounting.

Negotiating rock-bottom rates
Allowing preemptible spots with flexibility to make good within a reasonable time
Free bonus spots
Catching spot placement errors through auditing
Holding stations accountable for reaching the purchased viewership through posting

Beware Of Reps Bearing Gifts

Beware Of Reps Bearing Gifts

The most powerful tool you have in media negotiations is the ability to walk away. As soon as you accept an incentive from the rep, you lose that ability.

Sure, sometimes a gift is just a gift, but always be leery of what strings are attached.

Get A Free Evaluation Of Your Market

We have a proven formula that determines how much market share you should expect for your TV advertising investment. Fill out our form to request a free, customized evaluation on your market’s competition and find out just how many cases you should be getting for your money.

In Your Evaluation, You Will Find Out:

  • Who the major competitors are in your market and what’ll it take to dominate.
  • How much they’re spending, what ads they’re running, what shows they’re buying, EVERYTHING.
  • How many cases we believe you should be getting PER WEEK for your television advertising budget.

* Market evaluations not available in all markets.

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