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Legal Marketing in 2016 | Whitehardt
In order for marketing to be successful in any industry, it’s essential to pay close attention to the challenges faced within the industry and the best ways to continually reach the desired target audience. Legal marketing in the digital age is constantly changing and adapting. Challenges are often multiplied within the legal industry, simply because both individuals and companies must tread carefully while adapting to changes in the workplace and industry as a whole.

Opportunity for growth within legal marketing is huge and because of that, it’s essential to continually remain aware of challenges and intricacies. In order to understand just how new legal marketing is, let’s take a step up. Legal marketing was illegal and prohibited until the 1970’s, meaning that we’ve come a long way, but solidifying that the marketing landscape is relatively new and consistently changing.  What are some challenges within legal marketing?

Client Knowledge

In almost every area within legal marketing, the client truly has something to lose, whether that is money, freedom, or reputation. Because of that, clients must have a firm understanding of charges and possible consequences involved. It’s essential for current and future clients to recognize what they might lose, and to appeal emotionally within a marketing and advertising strategy. Social media, blogging, and various content marketing provides the perfect opportunity to expand client knowledge and appeal on an emotional level to numerous audiences. Whether it’s with an eBook, social media campaign, or a simple blog post, each form of content marketing has the power to influence when pushed to the right audience.

Attorney Pushback

Since marketing departments are often separate from attorney offices, there can often be attorney pushback if they don’t see a complete need for each marketing piece. Attorneys are often creatures of habit, and like to stick with what has worked in the past instead of investing change and growth for the future. Many attorneys simply believe that networking and referrals are the only outlets bringing in business, and discount content marketing as an unnecessary tool for further exposure. In order to gain attorney approval and help them see the benefit, it’s important to complete the content marketing circle by asking how this will bring in more clients. Getting attorneys to buy-in by seeing the numerous benefits and opportunities for growth is an essential part of effective law firm content creation.

SEO – New and Improved

The legal landscape is continually changing, and has changed significantly since the adaptation and use of the internet. Instead of picking up a phone book, searching for a number, and calling to speak to a law firm receptionist, people can now search, connect, and hire a law firm service completely online. Because of this shift, it’s important to invest both resources and time in a high-quality SEO program that focuses on building keywords, creating relevant content, and increasing ad with the appropriate channels. Organic and paid search are essential to getting noticed on the web. In order for law firms to be seen and chosen, it’s vital to develop a complete SEO strategy.

In today’s law firm, challenges as well as solutions abound. In order to be seen as a true thought leader and to gain more clients, it’s essential for law firms to realize the challenges faced today and to develop long-term strategies to continually improve and grow.

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