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Attorney Social Media Management | Whitehardt

Social media has the power to bring in more customers to your law firm while also expanding brand awareness and establishing your company as a thought leader. In short, social media and more importantly, great social media management, is vital for business success in order to truly connect with existing and potential clients.

Social media management focuses on both quantity of social channels and posting, as well as quality of posts and content. While not every social media channel applies to every business, it’s important to determine which channels work best for both your industry and your social media goals.

After establishing both overall social media goals and strategy, it’s time to dive into each channel and the pros and cons for law firms.


Facebook is ideal for most companies and allows you to post statuses, videos, and photos. Facebook is an ideal casual channel that can be used to show company culture, company blog posts and other resources (eBooks, whitepapers, infographics) employee service days, and announcing other company news and related events.


Twitter works well for short updates paired with either an image or ideally a video. Videos on Twitter tend to work better than plain text updates or updates with pictures. With Twitter, consistency is key. Posting 3-4 times a day works for most companies.


Google+ works best for companies that have multiple locations, languages, or simply like to post regular updates on social media channels.


LinkedIn is known for being mainly for professional and company updates. It’s essential to only post content directly relating to your company (news, blog posts, etc.) as well as other curated content from high-authority sites. LinkedIn provides a unique way to communicate directly with professionals. It’s important to develop a separate social strategy for LinkedIn since posted content should always be relevant to professionals following your company LinkedIn page.


Video is an essential part of effective social media. Video can be incredibly effective and used in multiple ways. For business use, it’s vital to post all content directly on YouTube and then embed in other forms (blog posts, etc.) for SEO purposes and to increase both page rankings and page credibility.


Pinterest works best for visually appealing pictures linking to a longer blog article or company page. While it may not be your primary social channel, it still is powerful tool and a great resource after posting company updates and blog posts.


Known for both its engaging photos and its clean look, Instagram is a great way to showcase both company culture and gives potential clients and even potential employees a look inside the law firm.

Social media management provides an ideal place for engagement and establishing your law firm as a true thought leader. Legal marketing ensures that you build authority directly for your brand within your industry.

When it comes to social, the time to start posting was yesterday. Begin by determining overall goals and strategies as well as appropriate channels. Great social media management truly has the power to elevate both your company and brand to new levels.

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