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We’ve put together this monthly report to show you what’s currently trending in mass tort spending. Our experts can provide detailed metrics for every mass tort and ensure you invest your money wisely. When it comes to getting the best return on your investment, knowing what’s hot and what’s not can make the difference!

Roundup was once again at the top of the mass tort leader boards even after taking a dip from the month before.

Talcum Powder bumped Mesothelioma out of second place with a huge spike in spending from the previous month.

Mesothelioma saw a dip in spending but continues to be a front runner in mass tort spending.

Hernia Mesh took a dip in spending as well but still wound up at number four on our list.

Not only did Hip Implants see a spike in spending in November, but they also rose to number five on our list, moving up from their previous placement at number 6.

Another mass tort seeing a spike in spending this month is HIV Drugs.

We’ve been noticing JUUL start to climb the leader board of mass tort spending. Are you giving this lawsuit enough advertisement?

Spending for Birth Injuries remained about the same from October to November, holding eighth place again on our list.

Are 3M Earplugs on their way out of the mass tort world? Spending for these cases has decreased drastically since September.

A newcomer to the mass tort leader board, Firefighting Foam saw a huge spike in spending in November, rounding out our top ten list.

The Whitehardt ONE program produces the highest quality leads that convert into cases. We’ll put the best strategy in place to start generating mass tort leads for your practice. Send us a message or call us at 615-510-8657 to speak with our accounts team.

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