The Best Creative Minds In Legal Advertising.


We began Whitehardt with a desire to do business in a different way than other attorney advertising agencies. Our pledge to ourselves and our clients: be straight-up to a fault, deliver on time every time, and work continuously to make better ads, place better buys and get our clients better results.

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White CEO & Founder
  • Felix Eckhardt
    Felix Eckhardt CFO & Founder


  • Billy Senese
    Billy Senese Creative Director
  • Jess Miller
    Jess Miller Director of Client Services & Business Development
  • Brad Wormer
    Brad Wormer Vice President of Operations
  • Will Fox
    Will Fox Director of Digital Media
  • Sarah Parisi
    Sarah Parisi Director of Local Media
  • Kylie Murdock
    Kylie Murdock Director of National Media
  • Anne Popper
    Anne Popper Director of Operations
  • Alyssa McCord
    Alyssa McCord Director of Web Services
  • Chris Ray
    Chris Ray Paid Search Manager
  • Keith Holt
    Keith Holt Post-Production Supervisor
  • Brandon Nease
    Brandon Nease Production Supervisor
  • Dycee Wildman
    Dycee Wildman Editor
  • Travis McLeod
    Travis McLeod Editor
  • Jordan Melson
    Jordan Melson Digital Ads Manager
  • Samantha Szwaglis
    Samantha Szwaglis Supervisor of Web Strategy
  • Katie McCall
    Katie McCall Editor
  • Dorthea Brumsey
    Dorthea Brumsey Bilingual Brand Specialist
  • Liz Walsh
    Liz Walsh Account Executive
  • Hanna Stroom
    Hanna Stroom Production Coordinator
  • Olivia Radiloff
    Olivia Radiloff Media Buyer
  • Matison Turner
    Matison Turner Editor
  • Bails Palmer
    Bails Palmer Account Executive
  • Steven Zhang
    Steven Zhang Full Stack Developer
  • Abigail Beggs
    Abigail Beggs Call Center Supervisor
  • John Mann
    John Mann SEO Manager
  • Ryan Lovett
    Ryan Lovett Lead Developer
  • Christina Reyes
    Christina Reyes Content Writer
  • Taylor Campbell
    Taylor Campbell Digital Content Strategist
  • Victor Rosales
    Victor Rosales Lead Graphic Designer
  • Alex Hammel
    Alex Hammel Media Buyer
  • Jeremy Tutor
    Jeremy Tutor Traffic Coordinator
  • Mia Brady
    Mia Brady Editor
  • Daniel Best
    Daniel Best Junior Developer

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