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Interested in Growing Your Firm? Our Lawyer TV Commercials Can  Increase Your Call Volume

In a society where technology is constantly evolving, media is one of the greatest marketing tools a business can use to inform others about their company and the services they offer.

According to The Business Journals, “It has been said the average American sees or hears 4,000-plus ads per day.” People are exposed to many different types of media every day. If you are seeking to grow your law firm, advertising is vitally important. At Whitehardt, our lawyer TV commercials can increase the number of calls you receive from potential clients.

Most people in the advertising industry know what a broadcast calendar is, however, if you’re an outsider, you may be uncertain why this particular calendar is essential in legal advertising. To better understand broadcast calendars, continue reading.

What is a Broadcast Calendar?

A broadcast calendar is used by those planning to purchase television programs, radio positions, and advertising. A broadcast calendar always begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday, with each month consisting of either four or five weeks.

This type of calendar typically has 52 or 53 weeks total, depending on whether or not it’s a leap year. Each quarter has 13 weeks.

Why Do You Need a Broadcast Calendar?

In order to effectively advertise your law firm, you must comply with the broadcast calendar.

Media placements are typically made in weekly increments. The media industry has embraced the broadcast calendar for media placement and rating purposes alike because every broadcast week is consistent and stays the same. It standardizes every broadcast quarter into even 13-week partitions, which is convenient for billing and budgeting purposes.

What is the Calendar Format?

It can be challenging to comprehend the format of the broadcast calendar, however, here is an example and how to use it accordingly:

  • What is the first day of broadcast February 2019? The first day would be Monday, January 28th.
  • What is the last day of broadcast March 2019? The last day would be March 31st.

Whitehardt Broadcast Calendar

For the full broadcast calendar, click here.

At Whitehardt, we place your media across each 13-week broadcast quarter, which is comprised of two four-week months and one five-week month. Depending on your budget, we will determine how much of your funds will go towards media each week.

Contact Us and We Can Help You Advertise

At Whitehardt, a full-service marketing agency in Nashville, TN, we offer law firms a wide variety of services, including media buying. We provide our clients with quality lawyer TV commercials that have the potential to lead to more calls for your firm. If you have any questions about how Whitehardt can help you advertise, give us a call at 615-577-1010 or fill out our contact form. Allow Whitehardt to help you with your law firm’s marketing.


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