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Mobile Friendly Websites | WhitehardtIt’s bound to have happened to you – you see a flawlessly designed webpage on your computer and come to trust it for numerous reasons. You are out and about one day and need to look up the site on your phone. The site isn’t mobile friendly. Nothing spells outdated quite like a website that is not mobile friendly.

With over half of the search queries today taking place through mobile, it’s essential to have a webpage the loads quickly, is easy to navigate on a small screen and looks professional. An outdated website can severely hurt any business. To ensure that your optimization efforts reach full potential, it’s essential to make the most out of the client user experience and seek ways to constantly improve.

82% of smartphone users now use search engines to look for local businesses. This provides a unique opportunity unlike ever before, allowing companies to specifically target those close to them in ways specific to what they need. This also allows for you to set up ultra-specific marketing initiatives focused on those close your location. You can also better engage customers that are in the building as well. Many smartphones users search their phones when deciding what services to use and what products to buy. Because of that, it’s essential to build mobile content that is helpful, informative, and useful.

Being mobile friendly also presents the opportunity for numerous micro conversions, or small wins that result in continually coming back for content. Hopefully, these returns eventually translate to business or referral. These opportunities work best when the consumer is given a chance to learn more about law services offered, and seeks to build interested while providing content in return. In order for micro conversions to work well, it’s essential to find a way to gather information (phone number, email), while also providing information (useful, engaging content).

Conversions through mobile have to be simple and easy to create positive ROI. Often, it helps to study with a user group on your mobile site full of both tech-savvy and less-savvy individuals trying to convert. This can greatly assist in working out the kinks and improving the user experience for all clients. This can help you better determine page load times, calls to action, and different buttons and navigation that might be difficult or cumbersome in a mobile format. Optimizing mobile forms especially is essential in order to gather potential client information and preferences.

Maintaining a mobile friendly website can often seem like a large project. Another important aspect of any business mobile strategy to consider is mobile apps. Mobile apps provide the specific opportunity to engage customers on a deeper level and create more brand loyalty. Through creating content, publishing on social media, and facilitating real dialogue and answering questions, mobile apps have the potential to be referred to again and again, even more than a company website.

A mobile friendly website can create many new opportunities for any law firm. Being mobile friendly allows you to reach more customers on a constant level. By recognizing that and seeking to provide content that can be read easily on mobile, customers wills turn to your site again and again for its ease of access and its quality content.

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